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Still frame captures from Cardinal Glass Furnace Restoration Video Project
Camera: RED Epic Dragon

Video Production Services

Casadonte Productions offers a complete range of services to meet the needs of any size production. Operating locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex, we deliver outstanding production value across our full range of production capabilities. Our breadth of experience includes testimonial videos, product demos, company overviews, explainer videos, commercials, conference videos, corporate communications, television shows, and virtually everything that requires a camera for filming. 

From social to web to broadcast television, Casadonte Productions stands ready to make your production vision a reality. 

Services include:

Concept Development - Scriptwriting - Storyboarding - Creative Direction - Production Crewing - HD, 4k, and 6k Cinematography - Field Audio Recording - Aerial Videography and Photography - Location Scouting

Post-Production Services

Shooting is only half the project. Once filming is complete, Casadonte Productions team of skilled editors get to work. Our post production capabilities include Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, and Avid editing suites, a DaVinci Resolve color correcting station, and nearly 100TB of shared network storage. In addition, our talented team is versed in 3D animation, 2D animation, and After Effects to deliver the precise finishing touches your project needs.

Services include:

Video Editing - 3D Animation -

2D Animation - Color Correction - Sound Design - Voice Over
Motion Graphics / After Effects - Video Encoding

Still frame captures from NWN Explainer Video
Format: Hand-Drawn Cell Animation

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With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Casadonte Productions has the team make your next video production a success!

In the studio or on-location, Casadonte Production has collaborated with clients around the world, delivering not only turnkey video solutions, but production crews as well. Whether you're looking for a team member to fill out an existing crew or you need full production and post production services, we're ready to meet your production needs. 


Put our breadth of experience to work for your organization. Contact us today!

Video Production and Post-Production

Additional Video Production Services

Aerial Videography and Photography

Casadonte Productions provides aerial videography and photography services for both film production as well as infrastructure inspection. All of our pilots are FAA-certified commercial drone pilots, meaning that they are licensed to fly drones for production and inspection use. Our fleet of DJI drones includes the Inspire 2, Inspire 1, Mavic, and Spark, giving us the ability to scale to meet the requirements of most aerial videography requirements. 

Aerial Videography Production Reel

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