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Live Streaming Services

Casadonte Productions provides a complete range of end-to-end live streaming services, including multi-camera video, audio mixing, live video switching, multi-bitrate stream encoding, and global stream distribution.  We provide our streaming services via industry-standard RTMP/RTMPS and SRT streaming protocols, so we can easily integrate with all major streaming platforms, including Wowza, Brightcove, Vimeo, Livestream, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Workplace, Periscope, and more. 

For remote events, Casadonte Productions leverages the bonded cellular capabilities of the two leading remote streaming platforms, LiveU and TVU. This allows us to provide streaming services in remote locations where there isn't ethernet or wi-fi internet connectivity.

So whether you're simply looking for live stream encoding for your next event or you need a complete live production solution, Casadonte Productions is ready to make your next live streaming production a success. 

Services include:

Stream Encoding - Simulcast to YouTube, FaceBook, and any other Social Platform or RTMP / RTMPS Service - Video Player Embed Code for any Web Site - Teradek and LiveU Stream Encoders - SRT Streaming - Multi-camera Live Production - Live Event Audio Mixing - Live Video Switching

Production Stills - Live Streaming Services
Client Projects - AUDI E-Tron Product Launch,  Porsche 911 Product Launch 

Remote Integrated Production (REMI)

From our control room in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex, Casadonte Productions can truly live stream from anywhere, at any time. Our remote IP broadcast facility can currently receive up to 8 concurrent camera feeds from anywhere in the world using the LiveU platform. This means that to do a live streaming production, all we need on-location are cameras and camera operators; the entire control room staff can work remote. This helps dramatically reduce costs associated with setting up an on-site control room while at the same time integrating multiple camera feeds from anywhere in the world.

In addition, we also have the ability to separately integrate up to 8 concurrent Skype calls as well as deliver multi-camera live content over Zoom, WebEx, and other video conferencing platforms. This allows us to seamlessly integrate news-style panel discussions into real-time events, great for Q&A sessions at the end of a keynote or presentation. 

With current COVID restrictions in place, this has become a popular option for many clients, facilitating live event production while reducing on-site setup time and personnel.

Services include:

LiveU Field Encoders - LiveU Central Platform
Skype, Zoom, and WebEx Remote Call Integration
Up to 8 Remote Cameras - Up to 8 Remote Callers 

Video Playout - On-Screen Graphics - Instant Replay
PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Integration

Satellite Streaming Uplink

Production Stills - Remote Integration Control Room
Productions - The SD-WAN Show, UCaaS Connection

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We're Live in 3 - 2 - 1 ...

20 years ago, principle members of Casadonte Productions broke in to the video streaming business using a QuickTime Streaming Server and Canon XL-1, and have evolved with the industry ever since. Our team members have held Cisco and Apple IT certifications, allowing us to "talk-the-talk" with networking technicians and engineers to ensure our IP network connectivity and video stream delivery for your event is the best it can be. In addition, our experience in video production and live event production ensures that your event looks great, sounds great, and exceeds your expectations. 

With two decades of experience, our team stands ready to work with you hand-in-hand to make sure that your live streaming production is a great success. Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you!

Additional Live Streaming and Video Conferencing Services

Zoom and Video Conferencing Integration

In addition to traditional live streaming and remote integration production, Casadonte Production also provides live production integration with video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and other platforms. This is great for corporate hospitality events such as virtual wine and food tasting or virtual cooking sessions, as well as virtual sales demonstrations. 

Need to take your client video conferencing experience to the next level?  Give us a call and we'll help you put your best foot forward with your customers.

Virtual Conferences and Events

Casadonte Production provides a wide range of virtual conference services, including virtual conference planning, platform setup and integration, on-demand video integration, live streaming for keynote or other presentations, breakout room setup, attendee networking support, and much more. 

So when you're ready to take your global sales conference virtual, or deliver your industry event online, call Casadonte Productions to help deliver a successful virtual event. 

Live Streaming and REMI Production

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