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Solutions for Every Video Production Need

Casadonte Productions Delivers a Broad Range of Production Solutions for every Corporate Requirement
Corporate Events

From town hall and all hands meetings to awards banquets and sales conferences, Casadonte Productions has worked with organizations large and small to deliver successful event experiences. From staging and set design to lighting, projectors, PA systems, cameras, audio, and live streaming, Casadonte Productions has the expertise and experience to make your event look great, whether in person or virtual. 

Corporate Hospitality

With current health related travel and public meeting restrictions, organizations have to be creative about new ways show appreciation for their VIP customers. While tickets to sporting and other events have been the norm, these options are not currently available. Leveraging video conferencing technology such as Zoom, WebEx, and others, Casadonte Productions can deliver high-end, high production value, remote iterative experiences for your organization. These include producing a wide range of virtual events, including wine tastings, salsa tastings, beer tastings, mixology classes, cooking classes, and others. Our multi-camera approach allows us to deliver a high-end customer experience, complete with audience interaction. 

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences have become an important tool for organizations to engage with large audiences, delivering much of what traditional in-person conferences can offer. From keynote presentations to breakout sessions, online networking and virtual exhibitions, virtual conferences have skyrocketed in popularity. To pull off a virtual conference requires a combination of pre-recorded and live video content, and Casadonte Productions has engaged with numerous clients in regards to planning, executing, and delivering both on-demand and live video content for their virtual events.

High-End Zoom / Video Conferencing

As our world continues to transition to digital and remote technologies, video conferencing has grown by leaps and bounds, to the point where organizations are looking to ‘up their game’ and increase the quality of the content delivered using Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and a host of other platforms. Casadonte Productions is well versed in today’s video conferencing environment, and can provide solutions for delivering cost effective live interactive events. Looking to have a multi-camera live sales call with a potential new customer? Or how about a training event? 

Aerial Videography and Photography

Our FAA-Licensed Commercial Drone Pilots have years of experience in aerial videography and photography for both film production as well as infrastructure and industrial inspection. We have a fleet of drones in-house, including DJI’s popular Inspire 2 drone, capable of capturing 5k raw video, providing productions with some of the highest quality, most cost effective aerial videography available today.

Corporate Communications

As organizations grow, communicating business strategy, processes, policy changes, and a wide range of other company information becomes ever more important to help ensure employees are on the same page and the organization is operating efficiently. Casadonte Productions has years of experience in working with companies to plan communications messaging and deliver clear, concise, easy to understand videos to meet any organizations’ communications 

Case Studies and Testimonials 

Case studies and testimonials tell important stories of how customers are able to solve problems using a brand’s products or services. Over the years, Casadonte Productions has worked on hundreds of testimonial projects, helping customers demonstrate the real-world impact of their products and services. Our proven testimonial production process delivers succinct stories, documenting challenges, solutions, and results that portray the best that a brand’s products and services have to offer. 

Sales, Marketing, and Product Demo Videos

From sizzle reels to product demos, event videos to explainer videos, sales and marketing videos are a core component of every marketing communications effort, and a core part of our business. With over 20 years of video production and marketing experience, Casadonte Productions has worked with small businesses and global brands alike to deliver on projects of all sizes. 

Training Videos

Training videos are important in any organization, whether demonstrating processes and procedures to employees or helping customer get the most out of their recent product purchase. Casadonte Products has years of experience developing not only training videos themselves, but also helping customers design, plan, and implement learning management systems (LMS) to help support organizational knowledge retention and development.

Product Launches

Product launches are some of the biggest events an organization puts on. They require considerable logistical planning, and demand high production value. After all, the world is watching. Casadonte Productions has been involved in some of the largest product launches of the past several years, including the launch of the Audi E-Tron electric vehicle and the 2019 Porsche 911. Product launches bring together all of Casadonte Productions’ expertise and experience in event a/v, live streaming, and video production to deliver a truly spectacular audience and viewer experience. 

A/V Integration and IP Broadcast Consulting

For companies and organizations interested in building out their own venue a/v and IP broadcasting capabilities, Casadonte Productions offers a wide range of consulting services to help you design, procure, and install solutions that meet your audio visual and live streaming needs. 

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Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Casadonte Productions' solutions are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each project. We take great care in listening to what our customers really need, and then design cost effective and efficient productions to deliver on those requirements. Each member of our core team averages over 15 years of industry experience so you can rest assured that you're getting a professional, knowledgeable, and skilled team that can deliver on your production requirements, whatever they may be. 

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